2 Hours Classes


  • ​Here at Seven Hills Tae Kwon Do, our training program combines the traditional training and tenents of classical taekwondo with the modern training and understanding of contempary martial training and physical training.

​        As such our 2 hour class consist of the following:

​                   Methods of Exercise:

​                    Floor exercise designed to warm and limber up the body as students work basic techniques                                  back and forth across the floor. These techniques are put into combinations format and single          movements.

​                  Kicking Drills: 

​                   Here the student focuses on the myriad of kicking techniques found in the taekwondo system;                              both single kick and combinations.


                  Bag Work (modern training):

​                   Here the student develops power in his/her strikes.  We use mitts (gloves) and wraps which                                 enables the student to hit longer (time) and harder with minimum risk to the students body.                                   Unlike the older style of training which use Markiwara striking boards, by using modern methods                          and equipment we are able to make quicker gains in less time while maintaining the safety practices.

​                 Forms:

                A form is a prearranged sequence of martial techniques that are performed either with or without the                    use of a weapon. In traditional dojang (training gymnasiums) hyeong are used primarily as a form of                    interval training that is useful in developing mussels, proper kinetics and mental and physical fortitude.                      Hyeong may resemble combat, but are artistically non-combative and woven together so as to be an effective conditioning tool.

​              Step Sparring:

             Step Sparring (also called Pre-Arranged Sparring) is a two person sparring drill in which an attacker                      and defender pre-arrange a sequence of attacks and blocks. Step Sparring can be run as drills of                         1-Step, 2-Step, 3-Step or more.



             ​Although commonly referred as self-defense, taekwondo self-defense training deals primarily with                        grabs, locks, chokes and grappling techniques.  Here students are taught both how to apply                                  techniques properly as well as escape techniques.

​           Sparring:


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