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  1. 62 South Ludlow Street

​Worcester, Ma


         All Are Welcome

​Have a black belt in tae kwon do or studied another style and looking to add to your knowledge, or just looking for a place to train, then click "here" to see if we might be for you!

Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, Seven Hills Tae Kwon Do is a school focused on the more triditional style of Tae Kwon Do (Taekwondo).  Covering:  forms (Hyungs), step-steps, breaking, self-defense and sparring, our goal is to train the mind and body through hard work and a proper training program.  Our two hour classes ensure that no aspect of training is neglected and the high standards for which the club is founded on is maintained.

From forms to sparring, every student is encouraged and expected to participate in all aspects of Tae Kwon Do.​

What sets us apart from other Taekwondo schools:

We have smaller class sizes than most schools, which insure students' receive personalized attention.  Moreover, we stress the secondary techniques such as grappling, chokes and joint-locks found in Tae Kwon Do, techniques commonly glazed over or dropped by most other schools due to the difficulty of learning.​


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